Grime on YouTube (SOURCE: YouTube)

16 07 2009

If the London Google office had a soundtrack, if we’re honest it probably wouldn’t be Grime. But on the flipside, if you were to ask a Grime artist where they would place their content, the answer would be immediate: YouTube. So far, so obvious, but what is interesting is that this has not always been the case. To date the sites that urban music fans have used and referenced have generally been MySpace and Bebo… with an appearance on Channel U marking step-up success. All of a sudden it’s all about YouTube, and to acknowledge this we ran a Grime spotlight on the UK homepage last Saturday (July 11). This gave us an opportunity to see how Grime fared when placed front and centre in the UK, and was also designed to steer Grime fans to a couple of new channels that we have signed to the YouTube Partner Programme — Grime Daily and SBTV — reinforce the pre-eminence of Tim Westwood’s channel and lend profile to our first-ever sponsored music show on YouTube UK, Pocket TV.

Popout In 24 hours these videos generated over 150,000 clicks, the three main channels saw reasonable subscriptions uplifts (Westwood is now on 20,000, GD is at 2,500, PTV is at around 900) and, maybe more importantly, a lot of comments seemed happy that YouTube was showcasing Grime. We’re clearly a way off Grime delivering huge numbers in Global terms, but these videos always rank very highly in the UK, suggesting that even a relatively small, UK-focused audience will deliver automatic promotion on the UK site. As for why Grime artists and magazine shows have migrated to YouTube in such numbers, I’m going to put this down to Tim Westwood. Love him or hate him, he has tirelessly promoted our service to his dedicated Grime audience — the upload that woke him up to YouTube’s potential being Chipmunk’s debut, 1.5MM rated freestyle. Them’s big numbers in the world of UK hip-hop. For extra credit, please suggest London Google Office soundtracks in the Comments section. I’m going to go for classical music wrought from the guitar of someone like Brian May. You know, like The Electric Planets…



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22 09 2009

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