Lady Leshurr – Forever Female

9 01 2010

Here’s an EXCLUSIVE snippet of the track ‘Forever Female’ taken from Lady Leshurr’s NEW mixtape ‘UnLeshurr’ coming soon!  I’ve rated Leshurr for a long time & when this mixtape drops a lot of female mc’s need to stand up & smell the coffee granules.


Below are the lyrics if you like to rap along!


Last name – Lasting
First name – Ever
I’m making new material I’m on my last tether
I can see them searching for me like lost treasure
I make strong hooks like Floyd Mayweather
I’m so fly its like I’m sailing – Ferri
Don’t act like a chicken from nandos – Peri
I’m on top of the hill son – Keri
I rowl land but nothing like – Kelly
Lesha’s features be the seizure breaching leeches every
My flow is dirty stinking swagaling ling call me smelly
You could be John Legend
I am legendary
Stop Gassing up the place – I do not need petty
Ha you get me?
Forever I’m a get this
Most these rappers need me like they house needs electric
Me and you are not the same we are not symmetric
I want this shh forever man don’t ever forget it




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