Lady Leshurr Presents The UnLeshurr Mixtape

26 01 2010

Got to start of by saying I was hooked from start to finish & I think Drake should stand up & pay attention.  Cause you gotta admit Leshurr did a good job with all those hits & put her own stamp on them.

In my eyes Leshurr has been reppin from time & she’s worked very hard to get to where she is now.  Even Soulja Boy paid close attention & followed the Twitter Account live on Tim Westwood’s Radio Show & I think you should to.

In conclusion Lady Leshurr is set to take the UK & the world by storm.  I also think its time for females in the MC game to step their game up because it just got a lot harder for ya’ll.  Check out add, follow & communicate with Leshurr on the following links cause she don’t bite; plus she’s grounded unlike some stars out there.

Leshurr’s Myspace

Leshurr’s Twitter

Leshurr’s YouTube

Click Here For Leshurr’s Mixtape




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