Saturday SoundClash Is Coming To Sheffield Live 93.2 FM Every Other Saturday From The 27th Of March.

23 03 2010

First of all make sure you follow us on twitter (@SatSoundClash) to get info & updates on a brand new show brought to you by myself & Shinobi every other Saturday on Sheffield Live 93.2FM/ 1700-1900 GMT.

We’ll be bringing you nothing but good music, music news, guests & much more. We are ready to up the levels & feel this is necessary to keep the music scene fresh. Versatility is the key & with that said various genres will be played on the show. We feel this is necessary as everybody likes a bit of everything and not just one specific genre. The concept of the show is very clear – ‘Good music played and presented well like a plate of food in a top class restaurant’

Finally I hope you all will be tuned in & we look forward to serving up some big shows in the future.


If you are an artist/producer & you have music you want to get aired on the show send it to 320s or Wavs pls (PRS Registered)

Bless up




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