@LabrinthDa1st – A64 [Filmed @SBTVOnline]

19 07 2010

You’ll know this guy from productions such as ‘Pass Out’ & ‘Frisky’ which he also blessed lyrically. This video is his A64 where he puts across his views on the music industry.


@SBTVOnline A64 [Acoustic64] – @CherriV

25 04 2010

Cherri V has a beautiful voice as shown in many tunes she’s done prior to this A64. In this video she proves yet again that people should get ready to hear more big things.

Ed Sheeran – The A-Team (Official Video)

23 04 2010

This guy has talent & I personally think he will go far.

SB.TV EXCLUSIVE – Ed Sheeran – You Need Me, I Don’t Need You (BIG TINGS!)

1 03 2010

This is very very talented guy & in my opinion will go very far in this music game, but have a look yourself & feel free to voice your thoughts.