@johnlegend: ‘This Is @NickiMinaj’s Time’ (Via @RapUp)

15 07 2010

You can add John Legend to the growing members of Team Minaj. The R&B crooner is vocalizing his support for hip-hop’s reigning femcee.

When asked whether he preferred Nicki Minaj or Lil’ Kim, the diplomatic singer told The Huffington Post, “Well right now Nicki Minaj, but you know there’s a time and place for everybody. I feel like this is Nicki’s time right now, but Kim had a nice run.”

Legend also revealed his wish list of collaborators. “I have a few people that I’d love to write for or write with, like Amy Winehouse would be fun, Feist would be fun, Beyoncé would be cool too, just to name a few,” he said.

His ’60s and ’70s covers album with The Roots, Wake Up!, is due Sept. 21.

SWV – Laying Down ‘Weak’ Pella & Showing They Still Got It

25 01 2010

When I saw this I was like if SWV are putting out some new material the game is gonna have to step up their levels.  All I can say is the harmonies were pitch perfect and I still listen to all their old albums till this day.  Watch the video and enjoy what the Sisters With Voices do with those amazing vocals.  Just to add the trio were in Atlanta to do a photo shoot.  The main thing on my mind is what the photo shoot was for??? errmmmm

Tim Westwood reppin 1Xtra for ‘1Xtra Live’ Backstage In Sheffield

5 01 2010

Tim Westwood reppin 1Xtra for ‘1Xtra Live’ but you know Mr Westwood has to give you a few jokes a long the way.  Believe you me he actually had me laughing on this one!!!! Westwood the Comedian/DJ/Presenter; they say you got to be doing more in the music scene these days.  I think this works well for him plus its always good to have a laugh & joke.

How many times can Lisa Maffia fold a piece of paper? – The Real Hustle – BBC Three

7 07 2009

Rapper Lisa Maffia is no match for the hustlers in a Celebrity Con Game.

R.I.P Micheal Jackson AKA The King Of Pop

26 06 2009

LEGEND/KING OF POP/MUSICAL GENIUS! I could go on! – RIP to a guy that influenced me in so many different ways & made me love music so much! NEVER FORGOTTEN & GUNSHOT TO ALL DA PEOPLE DAT STILL INVOLVE DEM SELFS IN SPECULATION! When nothing was ever proven about Jacko! I will be dedicating a big part of the ‘Sunday Night Mash Up’ on Sheff Live 93.2 FM/http://www.sheffieldlive.org to him & also ‘The Realness’ on BCR 103.1 FM! Make sure you lock people.

Below I also found the full MOONWALKER movie which played a big part in my childhood & i loved it!


Ubertwitter Beta 3 Available Now (SOURCE: crackberry.com)

20 06 2009

It seems that Ubertwitter just keeps building up steam. We’ve covered it in Twitter App Round Up Part Deux and it is apprently very popular among a number of Tweeting celebs as well. We got word today that they have again updated (to Beta 3 – version .0.75) and added a whole slew of new features. The list of updates is massive, but it includes various bug fixes, reduced battery drain, ability to delete tweets, TweetShrink ability, faster timeline scrolling and muc, much more.  For the entire list of updates, head over to Ubertwitter.com. Ubertwitter is available for all devices by visiting ubertwitter.com/bb/download.php from your mobile browser.

Celebrity BlackBerry Twitter Users (SOURCE: crackberry.com)

19 06 2009

Celebrity Twitter

Twitter fever has taken over, and it seems to get bigger everyday. As many of you know, there are a bunch of celebrities that use Twitter, but what you may not know is that a bunch of them use BlackBerry Twitter clients as well. We thought it would be fun to track them all down and see what their app of choice is. It looks like TwitterBerry is the clear winner withUberTwitter a close second. A few have chose the premium TweetGenius client, and a huge shoutout to Joy Behar who is the only celeb that uses Tiny Twitter. If you’re curious to know which of your fav celebs are Crack’n on Twitter, hit the jump to see the list. If we missed any celebrity BlackBerry / Twitter users that you’re following, you can add them to the comments. And if you’re looking to get a twitter client on your BlackBerry, be sure to check our ourTwitter App Roundup and Twitter App Round Up Part Deux.

Celebrity Tweeters and the Twitter BlackBerry Twitter Clients They Use

 Andy Milonakis – UberTwitter

 Arnold Schwarzenegger – TwitterBerry

 Ashlee Simpson Wentz – UberTwitter

 Barbara Walters – TwitterBerry

 Carson Daly – UberTwitter

 Donnie Wahlberg – UberTwitter

 John Mayer – TwitterBerry

 Joy Behar – Tiny Twitter

 Kim Kardashian – TweetGenius

 Lady Gaga – TwitterBerry

 Lance Armstrong – UberTwitter

 Lauren Conrad – TwitterBerry

 Lily Allen – TweetGenius

 Mariah Carey – TwitterBerry

 Mark Hoppus – UberTwitter

 Michael Phelps – TwitterBerry

 Moby – TwitterBerry

 Nicole Richie – TwitterBerry

 Oprah Winfrey – TwitterBerry

 Pete Wentz – UberTwitter

 Rob Thomas – TwitterBerry

 Ryan Seacrest – TweetGenius

 Samantha Ronson – TweetGenius

 Sean P. Diddy Combs – TweetGenius

 Selena Gomez – TwitterBerry

 Shaquille O’Neal – TwitterBerry

 Sophia Bush – TwitterBerry

 Wil Wheaton – TwitterBerry