Steel City Talent

This section is going to be dedicated to the vast artists that live in my home town of Sheffield. Here I will be blogging videos; links to tracks, mixtapes, plus various other media. I feel the more exposure my fellow Sheffield artists get the better I hope they will be known through my blog. So here starts a page dedicated to music in Sheffield whatever genre it maybe.

Tez Kidd Feat V.I. – Eaze Up

Here’s another great piece of work from that guy they call Despa, but definitely not taking nothing away from those talented guys Tez Kidd & V.I.  The video from McDonalds was a great touch and it even made me chuckle a little bit but obviously in a good way.  Overall a good video and a big tune.  In my opinion you will be entertained fully by these two in the future.

Shinobi – Ready 4 Two Ten (Street Video)

Well Despa came to the Steel with his cam & this was the result on a cold Sunday evening.

Shinobi – Boom (Crankage Preview)

Well here’s a sneak preview of a track to appear on Shinobi’s new mixtape entitled ‘CRANKAGE’. It goes by the name of ‘BOOM’ and in my opinion its doing the dam thing. The mixtape will be available in February and is going to feature Kase, Remz, CoCo, Kdot, Tez Kidd, Violator, Jstar and many more. Keep your eyes peeled as this mixtape is definitely going to be big.

Becky Rhodes Absolutely Killed It @ The ‘Sunday Night Mash Up After Party’ For Her B’Day Bash

All I can say is me good friend Becky Rhodes is super serious! She killed it differently but don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself!


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