About That New BlackBerry Messenger… It’s Coming To All Devices On OS 5.0, Newer Version Revealed (SOURCE: BGR)

8 07 2009

You read the headline right, kids — the new and insanely hot BlackBerry Messenger that we exclusively showed off to the World looks to be headed to all BlackBerry devices that will receive the OS 5.0 treatment. How do we know? Because we’ve been playing around with a recent build of OS 5.0 on a Curve 8900, and well, let’s just say that it and some other pretty awesome stuff is in there. But since we’re talking about BlackBerry Messenger, let’s just get right into it. We’ve already told you that the new Messenger has avatar support, GPS integration (including proximity sensing), the ability to set and group conversations by subject and a way to create a homescreen icon for messenger contracts, but it now looks like even more crazy stuff has been crammed in in addition to a little facelift.

So strap yourselves in, hit the jump and prepare to be green with envy as we show you an even newer version of BlackBerry Messenger!

Since we know that most of you are just going to gloss over the text and check out the ensuing screenshots, we’ll keep the list of what’s newer than new really brief:

  • SMS support — You wanted threaded SMS? Well you’re finally going to be getting it!
  • PIN barcode scanning — Too lazy to add your friend to Messenger by entering in their PIN? Just have them click the Barcode option on their devices and, you guessed it, a barcode will show up letting the other party scan it with their BlackBerry camera and immediately add that contact to your list.
  • Backup/Restore Messenger list to microSD card — What else need we say?

So tell us, you BlackBerry freaks; were you able to make it through this entire post without having a heart attack?


Sway – Blackberry Man

27 06 2009

A Song for all the BlackBerry people. It would only make sense for you to have it as your ringtone when its out!!

Ubertwitter Beta 3 Available Now (SOURCE: crackberry.com)

20 06 2009

It seems that Ubertwitter just keeps building up steam. We’ve covered it in Twitter App Round Up Part Deux and it is apprently very popular among a number of Tweeting celebs as well. We got word today that they have again updated (to Beta 3 – version .0.75) and added a whole slew of new features. The list of updates is massive, but it includes various bug fixes, reduced battery drain, ability to delete tweets, TweetShrink ability, faster timeline scrolling and muc, much more.  For the entire list of updates, head over to Ubertwitter.com. Ubertwitter is available for all devices by visiting ubertwitter.com/bb/download.php from your mobile browser.

Celebrity BlackBerry Twitter Users (SOURCE: crackberry.com)

19 06 2009

Celebrity Twitter

Twitter fever has taken over, and it seems to get bigger everyday. As many of you know, there are a bunch of celebrities that use Twitter, but what you may not know is that a bunch of them use BlackBerry Twitter clients as well. We thought it would be fun to track them all down and see what their app of choice is. It looks like TwitterBerry is the clear winner withUberTwitter a close second. A few have chose the premium TweetGenius client, and a huge shoutout to Joy Behar who is the only celeb that uses Tiny Twitter. If you’re curious to know which of your fav celebs are Crack’n on Twitter, hit the jump to see the list. If we missed any celebrity BlackBerry / Twitter users that you’re following, you can add them to the comments. And if you’re looking to get a twitter client on your BlackBerry, be sure to check our ourTwitter App Roundup and Twitter App Round Up Part Deux.

Celebrity Tweeters and the Twitter BlackBerry Twitter Clients They Use

 Andy Milonakis – UberTwitter

 Arnold Schwarzenegger – TwitterBerry

 Ashlee Simpson Wentz – UberTwitter

 Barbara Walters – TwitterBerry

 Carson Daly – UberTwitter

 Donnie Wahlberg – UberTwitter

 John Mayer – TwitterBerry

 Joy Behar – Tiny Twitter

 Kim Kardashian – TweetGenius

 Lady Gaga – TwitterBerry

 Lance Armstrong – UberTwitter

 Lauren Conrad – TwitterBerry

 Lily Allen – TweetGenius

 Mariah Carey – TwitterBerry

 Mark Hoppus – UberTwitter

 Michael Phelps – TwitterBerry

 Moby – TwitterBerry

 Nicole Richie – TwitterBerry

 Oprah Winfrey – TwitterBerry

 Pete Wentz – UberTwitter

 Rob Thomas – TwitterBerry

 Ryan Seacrest – TweetGenius

 Samantha Ronson – TweetGenius

 Sean P. Diddy Combs – TweetGenius

 Selena Gomez – TwitterBerry

 Shaquille O’Neal – TwitterBerry

 Sophia Bush – TwitterBerry

 Wil Wheaton – TwitterBerry

BlackBerry 101 Site Tour User Guide Now Up (crackberry.com)

17 06 2009

As we have seen for other previous devices, the BlackBerry 101 user guide for the BlackBerry Tour is now up and ready for viewing, so please feel free to tease and torture yourself by having a look through it – just make sure you move your keyboard to the side, you wouldn’t want to get drool all over it as you look but can’t touch – yet.

Take A Look @ The New BlackBerry Messenger (BGR Doing Their Thing)

13 06 2009

One of the greatest functions of BlackBerry devices is BlackBerry messenger. Sadly though over the years BlackBerry Messenger has seen little to no changes in it’s looks or functionality since it’s incarnation. That is, until now. The Boy Genius has posted some nice images of the as of yet unreleased BlackBerry Messenger and I have to say it looks great especially with some of the new features implemented, the list while not complete looks awesome and I can’t wait to see it in action. New features include:

Avatar support — set your own avatar using the Camera or saved photo on your device (this is displayed locally as well as shown next to your Messenger name on your friend’s buddy list)
GPS location integration — you can now set permissions so friends can always see your location, have to request it each time, or never can see it
Proximity sensor — we’re guessing this will let you know if you’re within a certain distance of friends (pending, of course, you’re both set to share locations freely with each other)
Set conversation subjects — this will allow you to organize your convos on the main Messenger screen and label them with subjects to keep track of all your conversations
Homescreen support — you can pin/sticky actual Messenger contacts directly to the homescreen for easy access!
Some nice additions there that I can’t wait to see released, be sure to head on over to Boy Genius Report where there is a whole gallery of pictures for you all too drool over in anticipation of it’s release. Side note, those of you running 5.0 now, this is the reason your BBM shows an install of 4.7 currently as this version is still in beta.

Check Out The Full Image Gallery At The Boy Genius Report >>