@sbtvonline F64 [S2.EP1] – @Sway_Dcypha

12 04 2010

This F64 is by far the best I’ve seen so far & I think it will be hard to beat. Sway goes in & really got me saying WOW at the end. If you think I’m hyping check it out & holla back with a comment.


@professorgreen – SBTV F64

9 04 2010

Another F64 and this time its from Professor Green & he smashes it, his punch lines were on point! What did ya’ll think though??

@jammermurkleman – SBTV F64

8 04 2010

Jammer smashed it on this F64 in my opinion & has definitely shut up a lot of his critics. What did ya’ll think though? Feel free to leave your comments.

Margs Goes In Hard For SB.TV With His F64

25 01 2010

Yes I have to say Margs went in hard with this F64 and I actually ain’t got a bad word to say about it.  The beat is proper too I need this in my life like yesterday.  I advise you all keep a look out for more from Margs in the future because I’m sure he’s going to produce some hits in 2010.

Chipmunk Blesses SB.TV With A F64

7 01 2010

Chipmunk goes in with this F64 for SB.TV and makes some valid points & is funny with it to, Chipmunk has flow as you all already know.