Lady Leshurr (@LadyLeshurr) – Slow It Down [Webcam Video]

17 05 2010

Leshurr comes with this webcam video & it works very well. The tune is big & now it has this video which adds some visuals of leshurr nicely. Let me know what you think via the comments.


Lady Leshurr Presents The UnLeshurr Mixtape

26 01 2010

Got to start of by saying I was hooked from start to finish & I think Drake should stand up & pay attention.  Cause you gotta admit Leshurr did a good job with all those hits & put her own stamp on them.

In my eyes Leshurr has been reppin from time & she’s worked very hard to get to where she is now.  Even Soulja Boy paid close attention & followed the Twitter Account live on Tim Westwood’s Radio Show & I think you should to.

In conclusion Lady Leshurr is set to take the UK & the world by storm.  I also think its time for females in the MC game to step their game up because it just got a lot harder for ya’ll.  Check out add, follow & communicate with Leshurr on the following links cause she don’t bite; plus she’s grounded unlike some stars out there.

Leshurr’s Myspace

Leshurr’s Twitter

Leshurr’s YouTube

Click Here For Leshurr’s Mixtape

Lady Leshurr – Forever Female

9 01 2010

Here’s an EXCLUSIVE snippet of the track ‘Forever Female’ taken from Lady Leshurr’s NEW mixtape ‘UnLeshurr’ coming soon!  I’ve rated Leshurr for a long time & when this mixtape drops a lot of female mc’s need to stand up & smell the coffee granules.


Below are the lyrics if you like to rap along!


Last name – Lasting
First name – Ever
I’m making new material I’m on my last tether
I can see them searching for me like lost treasure
I make strong hooks like Floyd Mayweather
I’m so fly its like I’m sailing – Ferri
Don’t act like a chicken from nandos – Peri
I’m on top of the hill son – Keri
I rowl land but nothing like – Kelly
Lesha’s features be the seizure breaching leeches every
My flow is dirty stinking swagaling ling call me smelly
You could be John Legend
I am legendary
Stop Gassing up the place – I do not need petty
Ha you get me?
Forever I’m a get this
Most these rappers need me like they house needs electric
Me and you are not the same we are not symmetric
I want this shh forever man don’t ever forget it