War Report – Milks Vs Remz & Coco [UPDATED]

28 04 2010

The track below is the first wave of what looks to be an extended war of words. The question on everyone’s lips is who will win the war?

Milks a MC from Sheffield started the battle & I really don’t have a full understanding on what started this but that said I’m sure it will come to light eventually. Below you will find Milks first pop at Remz & Coco…..

Well here’s Remz reply & he’s goes in. So where do your thoughts rest on who is winning this battle. Feel free to leave your comments as it heats up.

Obviously Coco had to also reply and he also goes in & says a lot rahhhhh, now I wait patiently for a response from Milks and see what he has to say in this war.

In conclusion everyone likes a good war of words in music but what are the reasons behind it & what does a person from it??? Nevertheless these artists have shown they have talent with the bars & if that isn’t noticed then a few other things will.

Well it seems AK has got involved in the war & I suppose it’s only right as Milks is part of his team. He takes it back with an old skool instrumental & flows nice with it still, what will come next from this war.

Coco goes in with a freestyle to add to this war of words, so what do you think so far & who is doing it for you??


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